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I’m Hattie, the writer behind 15 minute wellbeing.

Although 15 minute wellbeing is about helping you to improve and maintain your wellbeing, it’s useful to know a bit about me and where 15 minute wellbeing came from.

  • I hold a BSc in Psychology from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Forensic Psychology from the University of Surrey. I am member of the British Psychological Society and sit on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Quality Network advisory panel for psychiatric intensive care units.
  • I’m a researcher by day and have written two award-winning papers about mental health and substance misuse. If you’re interested, you can find them here and here. I’ve also written a book chapter, which you can see a preview of (and download) here.
  • You’ll see that the research focuses on prisoners and people with mental health and substance misuse problems and that’s partly where the idea for 15 minute wellbeing came from. Many of us (and not all with diagnosed conditions) have short concentration spans, so I developed a range of exercises people could complete in 15 minute bite size chunks.  These interventions formed programmes that after 6 months of participating in, those experiencing symptoms of depression fell by over half (57% to 25%) and 42% showed improvement in their mental health.
  • My interests are wider than that – I’ve worked with one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets to understand the health and wellbeing needs of their staff and support them to co-design a health and wellbeing intervention which will roll out from January 2021.
  • I’ve just finished an international project with the University of Amsterdam exploring which interventions are most effective for preventing depressive relapse, based on data from thousands of people.

I truly believe that we already have everything we need to help improve and maintain our wellbeing. We don’t need special equipment or previous knowledge to make a difference to our lives, just some ideas and confidence to look after our wellbeing.

Everything featured in this blog is evidence-based or is an application of research findings. All the activities are rooted in research to reassure you that they can improve wellbeing.